•1. Any vehicle that isn’t a full race car. No pickups and vans. El Camino’s ok. All bombers that raced at WSS as of 8/2/2008 are automatically approved.

•2. All Glass, trim, lights, and any interior flammable must be removed ( carpet head liners, ect).

•3. Weld all of the doors shut. (No chains ). A minimum 1/8 in. thick door plate must cover the entire door area for the driver and each passenger door secured with a minimum of (4) 3/8 bolts to secure to the inside– per passenger!

•4. A functional seat belt must be in place for each passenger. ( Racing seat belts highly recommended!)

•5. A roll bar must be in place, higher than the driver by at least 2 inches above the helmets height and must have one kicker bar to support for each passenger. ( 2 people- then you need 2 kickers for support of roll bar.

•6. Passengers and drivers may ride, if over 13yrs old, and seat belts are required for each one.  

•7. Full face helmet required in good condition. Occupants must have shoes that cover the entire feet and ankle. Long sleeve shirts and full pants required (no shorts). Fire suit highly recommended.

•Driving through the in-field is prohibited and you will be disqualified unless you are avoiding a wreck that is blocking the entire track and then you must re take your original position to avoid disqualification!


•1. You must bring at least 1 scorer with you as a volunteer!! The scorers will sit in the VIP booth and they will score your car. Without a scorer you will not be scored.


•1. The winning car will have a $350.00 claim by the track. The car will then be auctioned off on the front straight away. Bidding begins at $350.00 and the proceeds will be split among the cars that finish the race - except the winner.

•2. If you refuse the claim, you will loose the payout and the amount will be split amongst the cars that finish the race.

•Caution anything can happen on the track

•Racing is a dangerous sport! Please use caution when preparing your vehicles!

Tularosa Speedway, its Personnel, Officials, Sponsors, Fans and Volunteers will not be held responsible for any harm that may come to you.