All participants of Tularosa Speedway will be subject to all Tularosa Speedway rules and regulations as set forth herein and will be expected to abide by them. These rules shall govern the conditions for all race events. The Tularosa Speedway Appointed Officials are the final authority for any and all disputes. 
All Tularosa Speedway rules are intended as a guide for the conduct of the auto racing sport, and no expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from these rules. In no way are they a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.  
It is the responsibility of each competitor to read, understand and comply with these rules. These rules are neither foolproof nor exhaustive. They are intended to provide fair and competitive racing for all that participate. The spirit and intent of these rules is the standard that will be used for competition at Tularosa Speedway. Tularosa Speedway officials are authorized to decide if an equipment change or addition is an attempt to circumvent these rules or provide an unfair advantage. Tularosa Speedway officials can and will disqualify any entry that violates the spirit and intent of these rules. Decisions will be based on common sense, consistency, impartiality, and fairness. If there is a disagreement or dispute regarding the meaning, interpretation, or application of these rules, Tularosa Speedway officials’ decisions shall prevail.

Medical Claims and Insurance  
Any injury that occurs during a race event must be reported to a Tularosa Speedway Official immediately. This includes drivers, pit crew members, and all pit crew personnel. Tularosa Speedway does not provide insurance for any person in the pit area.  
* Tularosa Speedway insurance does NOT cover the ambulance ride to the hospital.

Rules and Regulations
All drivers must register at the pit gate to be eligible to race. Driver change notification must be presented to pit gate officials at this time. If a change is needed during the race night, you must get approval from the pit boss prior to changing. If it is found that a driver has not registered with proper officials, all drivers involved will forfeit any potential prize money, awards, and points for the night. Once you enter the race surface, drivers are not allowed to switch cars.  
If operating a 4-wheeler or quad as a pit vehicle, you must operate in a safe manner. If you are found operating in a careless, unsafe, or dangerous manner, you will be asked to park it and/or receive a $100 fine. Dirvers ages 17 and under MUST wear a helmet.  
Drivers 17 years of age & under are required to have a Minor Release Form signed/notarized by both Natural Parents. A Death certificate or legal documentation of guardianship required for other circumstances. Drivers age 15 & under will race under “probation”. Tularosa Speedway President or Manager will determine length of time. An adult must accompany driver under probation while car in motion at all times. 
A parent must attend a normal scheduled Tularosa Speedway meeting to request the board to address lifting probation. Parents /guardians are responsible for actions of minor children. 
A Parent or Guardian must sign a MINOR RELEASE FORM for all persons under 18 years of age before entering pits. 
No person shall sign any release forms for anyone other than themselves. Violation is a minimum $50 fine. 
No competitor may participate in any event until he/she has paid the registration fees and any outstanding fines. 
Each individual entering the pits is responsible for their dress, actions and behavior. 
Consumption of alcoholic beverages by anyone in the Pit Area prior to the conclusion of the race program is strictly forbidden. Any one showing signs of intoxication will be required to leave the premises immediately and may be subject to a fine of not less than $250. 
Anyone found engaging in malicious mischief, theft or deliberate destructions of racetrack property will be arrested and prosecution will be pursued. 
Climbing fence or any other means to gain improper/illegal entry into the Pit or Grand Stand Area is not allowed and violators will be arrested and prosecution will be pursued. 
Entering the Pit Area at any location without signing the insurance release forms and paying the required entry fee is illegal. All violators will be removed from the premises and fined up to $100. 
No person shall subject any Tularosa Speedway official, security guard, or employee to foul language, abuse, or ridicule at any time. Anyone who strikes or engages in a fight with a track official, security guard, or employee is subject to prosecution. A person involved in such an incident will be barred from the racetrack premises. The Tularosa Speedway Board will determine the length of disbarment, on a case-by-case basis. Automatic Penalty Applies. 
Fighting on Tularosa Speedway property is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be fined and may be barred from future race events. 
No driver, car owners, spectators or crew member shall claim damages, expenses, or otherwise against Tularosa Speedway or any of its officials by reason of disqualification or damage to either the car, driver, or both. By entering the racetrack surface, the driver agrees that the track is in safe condition. 
All drivers, car owners, spectators and crew members shall assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained including death, injury, or property damage, any time they are on racing premises. 
The Tularosa Speedway Tech Official reserves the right to inspect any race car at any time and to disqualify any driver or race car from further competition. Disqualified drivers / cars are subject to loss of entry fee.
The driver (to include his/her crew) is responsible for disassembling any and all components for inspection as required by the Technical Inspector. One hour will be given for tear down. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all prize money, awards, and points for that race event. If found to be legal, Tularosa Speedway will pay up to $50 for gaskets. 
The driver is the sole spokesman in all racing related matters and any arbitration with the Tularosa Speedway officials. Drivers under 18 years of age must designate a sole spokesperson. 
All car parts must be taken with you from the track and Pit Area when you leave. Any items left after the race night will become Tularosa Speedway property. 
Speed limit in the Pits is idle only. If any driver is deemed to be speeding in the pits, the Pit Boss or any other Tularosa Speedway Official shall issue a minimum of a $25 fine. 
Staging and Lineups are the responsibility of the driver. All cars not in staging by the third and final call will start scratch. 
Upon entering the track for a race, all cars will line up and maintain a reasonable yellow flag pace. No Hot Lapping! Hot Lapping will be a $25 fine per lap. 
No driver shall enter the racetrack when the staging light is red, unless otherwise directed by a Tularosa Speedway Official. Violation will result in a $50 fine and disqualification for that race. 
All drivers and crew members agree to abide by the official decisions. All disputes developing as a result of local track rules must be settled at the track on race night. 
There will be two attempts at making a clean start for each race. Pole position sets the pace. If a restart is needed and one car is the cause, it will be penalized and put to the back. If two or more cars are involved or fault cannot be determined, a total restart with all cars in original position will be done.  
Any car or cars jumping position, bumping, shoving or holding up the starting procedures may be sent to the rear of the field. 
As soon as the lead car takes the green flag, points will be issued. 
Only the driver and one crew member will be allowed in the Tech Area. Any more than that will be subject to a fine and / or disqualification. 
Drivers are not allowed to leave their cars in staging unless the staging official permits it. 
The driver receives points, fines and disqualifications. 
Tularosa Speedway Officials will be recognized with an official’s uniform / T-shirt / Badge’s. 
The flagman can use his/her discretion to throw the checker flag if race goes over the suggested time limit. 

Payout procedures
The pay window closes thirty (30) minutes after the last checkered flag falls. If you have not picked up any winnings coming to you by then, the winnings will be returned to the track account and you will not be able to get them at a later date.
Only the drivers of the race cars are allowed to pick up their winnings, not wives, aunts, mothers, uncles, etc. etc. The driver is required to supply to the track a legal Social Security number before any payments will be made to him/her. If your class is protested and the results are not going to be available within an hour, all money and positions will be determined and payouts at a later date. Supplying a false Social Security number is tax fraud and is subject to criminal penalties.

Flag Rules 
Indicates the start or resumption of a race and/or clear track ahead. ALL other flag rules apply after green flag is shown. 
When the blue and yellow flag is thrown, the driver should hold his/her line because the car is about to be lapped.
If any driver ignores this flag, the black flag may be given.
The checkered flag indicates that the lead car has completed the race. 
All other cars are scored as they pass the finish line. 
Each competitor will be allowed one yellow flag. On the first yellow, the car causing the yellow condition will resume racing at the rear of the field. Any competitor causing or being involved in two yellow flags will be disqualified (black flagged) from that race. 

Total Involvement Rule 
When the car causing the yellow flag can not be identified:
Any car that makes contact and/or stops on the track because of a yellow flag event when the officials can not determine who caused the yellow will be considered an “involved car”. Restarts will occur with the drivable “involved cars” lined up in the same order as the last fully completed green flag lap with the first “involved car” starting immediately behind the last “uninvolved car”.
No class will race to the yellow. The lineup will revert to the last fully completed green flag lap. A lap is fully completed when all cars cross the flag stand excluding the cars involved in the wreck. 
If you receive help from any track personnel on the track to remove any part of your car during a yellow flag, and that part did not cause the yellow flag, your position may be retained as long as the race is not delayed. 
The flagman can stop any car while under a yellow flag and safety check the car. If you are determined to be safe, you will receive your position back. If not, you will be black-flagged. This type of black flag still receives points as a DNF (did not finish). 
Any car that leaves the race surface and enters the pit area during a race may not re-enter the race. No tire changes, etc. Prior to the initial start you may enter the pits to change a flat tire. The flagman will hold the cars at a yellow flag pace up to 3 laps and must start at the rear of the field. 
Restarts will begin at the cone/chalk line on the backstretch. Cars must remain nose to tail until the car passes the cone/chalk line. Any car that hits the cone on a restart will cause a yellow and will be placed at the rear of the field for the next restart. Cars that pass front bumper to rear bumper before the lead car crosses the line will be penalized two positions per car at the next yellow or the end of the race, whichever occurs first. If a lap is not completed and another yellow occurs, the car will still be penalized for a Texas Start and will be placed at the back of the field. 
A car will be black flagged for loose sheet metal that is a hazard or may become a hazard. If this car causes a yellow, it will not be allowed to return.  
A yellow flag constitutes trouble (spin out, debris, etc) on the race surface. 
When the yellow flag is out, slow down in such a manner as to avoid the trouble and at the same time not creating additional hazards for other drivers. 
Race will be relined by the last completed lap with penalized party(ies) to the back. 
Two laps will be permitted after yellow flag for a car to get into directed position, once lineup is determined. If car is not into position, it will be black flagged without points or sent to the back. 
Can be thrown at any point in the track and means there is imminent danger (flipped car, fire, etc.). 
Slow down in such a manner as to avoid the trouble and at the same time not to create additional hazards for the other drivers and then stop.
A driver may pull his/her car off the race surface. The flag man may direct cars off the track’s racing surface to maintain the integrity of the surface (spray bar, leaks, etc.)
You are NOT permitted to go to your pit. You are not allowed to work on your car. 
The lineup will revert to the last completed lap to restart the race.
No one is allowed on the race track surface until the Pit Boss allows you to. Each unauthorized person entering race surface will be charged a minimum $50 fine.  
A. A white flag indicates that one lap remains before the race is complete.
B. If a yellow flag is thrown on a white flag lap, the line up will revert to the last completed lap with involved parties penalized. Race will begin with two laps to go; green, white, checker.  
A black flag means that you must immediately proceed to the pits
A black flag means disqualification from that race or a safety violation and you must quit racing. 
A track official may point a rolled up (furled) black flag at a car as a warning.
There is no requirement for a warning before issuing a black flag. 
The Flagman may, at his discretion, black flag any car that is smoking excessively, has a flat tire, or presents a hazard that he/she deems is unsafe to the driver and others on the track. This type of Black Flag is logged as a DNF and receives points. A black flag thrown that has a white circle on it is a mechanical black flag.
Any car(s) obviously failing to obey the black flag will result in disqualification from the rest of the race event. You may also be fined $25 for every lap that you stay out on the track. This fine will be paid before you race again. You will also loose points for that event.
Being charged with two (2) yellow flags in one (1) event constitutes a black flag. One (1) warning and one (1) yellow also may result in a black flag at the Flagman’s discretion. No points are issued for rough driving black flags. 
If you spin out, drive into the infield, off the back of the track, leave the racing surface, etc., you must merge back into traffic so as to not force any other driver to take evasive action. If you cause a yellow flag or impede the progress of any other car (whether accidental or intentional) by re-entering the race in an uncontrolled manner, you will be black-flagged. 
Spinning the leader will result in a black flag or being placed at the back of the pack, at the discretion of the flagman. 
Spinning the leader will result in an automatic black flag if the leader can not resume the race. 
If a driver is black flagged or has a DNF in the Heat Race, he/she will start the Main Event scratch. 
You must make clean passes. Judges are looking hard for rough and aggressive driving. Only one warning will be given for incidents of minor natures with the furled black flag shaken and pointed at the driver by flag men. Thereafter, you will be disqualified.
All track surface disputes are to be decided by the Flagman and/or Judges. The Flagman makes the final decision. The decision will be made on race night before everyone leaves the track. 
A suspended driver may not participate in any Tularosa Speedway event.
Automatic penalties  
Fighting or Inappropriate Behavior (Drivers, Pit Crew, or Anyone in the Pits) 
1st Violation: Minimum $100 Fine 
2nd Violation: $500 Fine and/or One Year Suspension

Foul Driving 
1st Violation: Black Flag, forfeiture of money, awards, and points for that event. 
2nd Violation: Fine and/or Suspension at the discretion of the Flagman. 
Assault of any Track Official will result in a fine not less that $1000 and/or 21 day suspension of driver. The Tularosa Speedway Board of Directors will review each incident resulting in a suspension. 
Repeated Violations of any track rule will result in Permanent Suspension. 
The Appointed Officials will place no person under permanent suspension without a hearing and a review of action by the Tularosa Speedway Board of Directors.
The top four (4) cars in each Main Event and the top two in the Heats - must go directly to the Tech Area for inspection -. If you pass the Tech Area, you will be disqualified. This includes the top two in each heat. Tech Area ends at the pole. If you’re not sure where you finished, pull into the Tech Area. Tech Inspections will be done randomly before every race event. Refusal will result in forfeiture of entry fees and not being permitted to race for that event. If the Tech Official finds illegal performance enhancing item(s) on a car, immediate disqualification will occur. This means no points will be issued for the Race Event. All money and prizes will be forfeited for the night. The illegal item may be changed before the race event, or may result in not being permitted to race.  
If you spend 3 or more laps in the infield of a race, it will be considered a DNF  
All stock Car Classes: You must finish your Main Event to be eligible to be paid. If you are a DNF, regardless of what lap, you will not be paid. 

Driving Penalties 
A If a car is determined to be at fault for causing a yellow flag event, the “guilty” driver will be charged the yellow and put to the back of the pack. The “victim” may be placed back into their previous position. If no fault can be ascertained, the “TOTAL INVOLVMENT RULE” may apply.
B If it appears the cause of the yellow flag event was intentional, the “guilty” driver will be black flagged and may be subject to a fine.  
C If the “guilty” driver objects to a call and stops on track to argue, the driver may be assessed a fine not less than $50.  
D If the “victim” is unable to race after the yellow flag event, the “guilty” party may be black flagged.  
E If it appears a driver causes a yellow to better a position of another driver, both cars may be black flagged.

Procedures and Guidelines 
A. Cars will have a pill draw for setting the line-up for the first points race. Thereafter, line-ups will be set by inversion of the point totals. For example, the entrant with the highest point total will start last, the second highest point total will start next to last, etc, etc. The only cars to start behind the high point car in any race are cars that voluntarily start scratch for whatever reason. 
B. If there are 9-16 cars in one class, two heat races will be run.
  17-24 cars – 3 heats; 25-32 cars – 4 heats; etc.  
C. If a car does not start, does not finish or gets black flagged in the heat race, it will start the Main Event scratch.  
D. A driver that misses two consecutive weeks will start scratch. A new driver must run two consecutive weeks before not being lined up in scratch position.  
E. Packing the track shall begin approximately 30 minutes prior to race time. All divisions are required to participate if and when scheduled. When the first call is made for any specific class, all cars in that class shall be on the track within five minutes. Any cars not participating in this activity will run scratch for the heat race and may be subject to a fine at the discretion of the Pit Boss.  
F. All drivers are required to attend the drivers meeting before every event. In the event a driver misses the meeting, they will begin scratch in the heat race. No call-ins accepted!

Safety Rules
The Managers shall have absolute authority on all decisions pertaining to the interpretation of the safety rules. Any infraction of the following may result in a competitor not being allowed to participate in the race program until any and all infractions are resolved. Nothing in these rules shall be construed to grant permission to race an unsafe car. The Tech Official shall perform the inspections and establish all cars’ standards of construction.
On test-n-tune or play days, only two cars are allowed on the track at one time. These cars must keep at least two turns or one straight between them. There will be no racing on these days. 
Anyone coming through and signing in at the pit gate, and who will be operating a vehicle on the race track surface is subject to a breathalyzer test. Anyone who fails the breathalyzer test will not be allowed on the racing surface that night.
All safety rules apply to drivers and their pit crew members. 
All cars are subject to a safety inspection prior to taking part in any Tularosa Speedway race program (including time trials, hot lapping, play days, test-n-tunes, etc.). 
It is the driver’s responsibility to maintain his/her car in a safe, mechanically sound, racing condition.
All persons driving a race car under racing conditions, play days, test-n-tunes, or track rentals must have safety harness tightly fastened and wear an approved racing helmet; Snell 2000 (or better), fire suit, and neck brace. (Refer to the individual class rules for specific harness/helmet rules and regulations)  
Each car/driver must have an approved fire extinguisher with minimum 5lb capacity and an ABC rating in their pit and be in view.  
All welding is subject to inspection and approval by the tech committee.  
No person is allowed to exit their car while on the track surface or infield unless directed by officials.

Claiming Procedures
Each racing class has its own set of guidelines for protesting and claiming. See the bottom area of each class rules for exact coverages and options available.
All claims must be performed immediately following the Main Event in the Tech Area. The claiming party must notify the Pit Boss, Tech Inspector, Head Flagman, or Track Manager of his/her intention to claim and have cash or check in hand to give the Pit Boss. Only the top four finishers may be claimed. Anybody finishing the race that is on the lead lap may make the claim. Claimed parts will be marked and are required to be run on the claimers car the following event. Once cars leave the tech area, all claiming will cease or 5 minutes after the end of that class’s main event, whichever occurs first.

No Protesting Judgment Calls!
A driver may protest:
A. Another driver believed to have violated a track or class rule 
B. Tularosa Speedway Scoring results 
C. Fines (Must be in writing to the DRO within fifteen (15) minutes of the fine assessment.
A hearing will take place at the next board meeting with all involved parties for reconsideration of fines ONLY – Not calls!  

Protest Procedures
The protestor must announce the protest with the fee to either the Pit Boss, Head Flagman, or Tech Inspector within 10 (ten) minutes of the end of the class feature event. This is only applicable to the main events. The protest must name who is being protested and what specifically is being protested. 
Engine protest Fee - $150.00 Any other protests - $50.00
For classes that have an engine protest, the driver of the car that has had his/her engine protested may be required to remove engine parts as directed by the Tech Inspector. This will be done to verify compliance.

Disposition of Protest Fees 
Engine Protest: If the protested engine is found to be legal, the car owner will get $50, the tech inspector will get $50, and the track will get $50. If the protested car is found to be illegal, the protest fee will be returned to the Protestor.  
Any other protests  
If the protest is founded, the protest fee will be returned. If the protest is unfounded, the fee will be forfeited.  
Refusal of a Protest
Engine tear down, or any type of inspection, will result in: 
A. First Refusal: Forfeiture of track points, money and trophies for that event.
B. Second Refusal: Forfeiture of accumulated track points, monies, and trophies for that event. The protested car and its driver are also prohibited from participating in any race event for the remainder of the race season.
The Track Manager and/or the Technical Inspector and/or the Board of Directors will decide all protests. If your class is protested and the results are not going to be available within an hour, all money and positions will be determined and payouts at a later date.