These rules are neither foolproof nor exhaustive. They are intended to provide fair and competitive racing for all who participate in this division. The spirit and intent of these rules is the standard that will be used for competition at for the SW Super Truck Series.

Officials are authorized to decide if an equipment change or addition is an attempt to circumvent these rules or provide an unfair advantage. Officials can disqualify any entry in violation of the spirit and intent of these rules. Decisions will be based on common sense, consistency, impartiality and fairness. If there is disagreement or dispute regarding the meaning, interpretation, or application of these rules, officials decisions shall prevail.

If these rules do not specifically say that you can add, change, or modify something, then you should consider that addition, change or modification illegal. Any questions about the legality of an addition or modification not covered by these rules must be answered by the rules committee for the SW Super Trucks in writing, and their decision is final. Officials have reserved the right to confiscate any illegal components at any time. Any driver found to be using illegal components will be considered to have been competing unfairly to that point in the season, and all accumulated points for the season earned at ALL Tracks the trucks race at will be forfeited. This is for Blatant rules violations. And no exceptions or second chances 

Track officials can alter or amend these rules, after agreement with southwest super truck officials have been reached in the interests of safety, cost control or fair competition. No implied warranty of safety shall result from the publication of, amendments to, or compliance with these rules. The safety of each racecar and all equipment is the complete responsibility of the driver/owner, and the driver/owner acknowledges this responsibility by participating in any racing activity.

Truck association dues are $75.00 per year, payment of dues registers your number allows you to vote in elections and allows you to receive association points and monies, if you don't pay your dues you will get no money.

If you need a clarification on any of these rules call Donald Young at 575-636-7003.

**All Super Trucks are subject to inspection at any time. Super Truck Tech Team along with track officials reserve the right to disqualify any truck driver or disqualify any truck from competition. 

Rookie drivers will start at the rear of the field in both the heat race and the main until the tech committee has determined they can handle starting in a different position. The tech committee will review the videos of races to make this determination to see if you are up to speed. 


1.   Any and all Super Trucks are subject to a random tech inspections at any time .If a violation is found you must correct before the race to acquire points and money .If violation cannot be corrected you will be allowed to race but must start scratch in all races.

2.   If a Super truck is found in violation of a rule and the truck has been teched in the past the only assumption the rules committee can come to is that that truck has been in violation ever since the previous tech and will result in a loss of all points earned at ALL tracks the trucks race at . The Rules committee must be in 100% agreement that the violation is intentional, so it is very highly recommended that once you have been teched and you change anything you should consult with a rules committee member and have he or they sign off on your change, that way you will be covered. 

3.   Remember if it doesn't say you can do it in these rules you must assume you can't.