As most of you know now, we are now using transponders for the track scoring. This is a radio signal that is tracked by computer to determine where you are placed in the line up when racing. As we know when humans are in charge of tracking the cars, there are usually mistakes that are next to impossible to avoid. Computers have their problems and limitations, so we will have both human and computer scoring for a while to get accurate results.

Keep in mind, the transponders are only used as back up for the track scoring individuals up in the tower at this time. Once the transponders are perfected in their operation, they will be slowly relied upon more for the official results taking over the human error.

The transponders will give us total accuracy once we get used to them there won't be the need to argue where you should be in the line up. In the event of a Yellow Flag, you will be placed in-order of the last time you passed the Flag Stand.

The Transponders are particular in where the should be located for proper operation. The signal that the transponders emit will be picked up by the scoring monitor by a wire that is buried underground at the flag stand across the front straight.

For Stock Cars, the best location is in the upper right front corner of the car nearest to the radiator hanging under the upper loop. Please be advised that you don't want to have it resting on top of the frame or loop because it will deflect the signal to the ground. It is best to let it hang under the top loop so that the signal is unobstructed to the ground as best as possible.

The Super Trucks are required to be placed in the rear of the truck by the fuel tank, on the frame, the same as the other tracks require for proper operation. If you are unsure of what to do about proper operation, contact Mac M. at 575-439-6421 or check with another super truck driver and see their placement.

Transponders are loaned out and to be returned to the payout booth at the end of the night
We are now using transponders to do track scoring.